Mobile Phone Use Offence

New mobile phone detection cameras

On 15 October 2019 the New South Wales parliament passed the Road Transport Amendment (Mobile Phone Detection) Bill 2019. The Bill amends the Road Transport Act (NSW) 2013 with respect to mobile phone use offences.

The bill inserts into the Road Transport Act (NSW) 2013 section 139B Which authorises the use of fixed and trailer mounted cameras to detect mobile phone use. These cameras can photograph the front row cabin of vehicles and uses artificial intelligence to detect the use of mobile phones within the vehicles. Once the use of a mobile phone is detected the image is verified by an authorized person and a fine is issued. The fine can be contested in court by establishing on the balance of probabilities that the device in question was not a mobile phone.

Warning letters will be issued for the first three months by Revenue NSW. Following this period, the penalty for offending drivers is five demerit points and a $344 fine ($457 in a school zone). The penalty increases to 10 demerit points during double-demerit periods.


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