Correctional officer charged over alleged inappropriate relationship with inmate

inappropriate relationship

A 25-year-old NSW Corrective Services officer has been charged over an alleged inappropriate relationship with an inmate while on duty at Silverwater jail. Police allege that the NSW Corrective Services officer engaged in a sexual relationship with a male inmate over several months and as early as November 2019.

Detectives from the Corrective Services Investigation Unit commenced their investigation after a referral from Silverwater Jail. The Corrective officer was suspended from her employment and subsequently charged with “engaging in a relationship with inmate causing safety risk” and “holder of public office misconduct”.

The officer was given strict bail and due to appear at the Burwood Local Court on 14 July 2020.

The offence

It is an offence for a correctional employee to engage in an intimate or sexual relationship with an inmate pursuant to section 236Q Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999, which states:

(1) A correctional employee (other than an employee referred to in subsection (2)) is guilty of an offence if the correctional employee engages in sexual conduct or an intimate relationship with an inmate or a person who is subject to a community-based order and the conduct or relationship–

(a) causes a risk or potential risk to the safety or security of a correctional centre or correctional complex or to good order and discipline within a correctional centre or correctional complex, or

(b) compromises the proper administration of a sentence or a community-based order.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment and/or fine of $2,200.

The legislation provides for a defence to the offence at 236Q(2) Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999, Which states:

(2) It is not an offence under this section if a correctional employee did not know, while the employee engaged in sexual conduct or an intimate relationship with an inmate or person subject to a community-based order, that the other person was an inmate or subject to the order.

The allegations resemble that of bikini model and Corrective officer Tara Brooks who became the girlfriend of a drug dealer inmate while working in Parklea jail.

The former pole dancer and aspiring actress was charged with engaging in a relationship with inmate causing safety risk and pled guilty to the same offence in the Blacktown Local Court and was sentenced to a Conditional Release Order with conviction by Magistrate Robinson with the condition that she continue counselling.

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