Can you lawfully use physical force to correct your children?

As a parent, you might have a difficult situation mending the ways of your children without using physical force.  Sometimes, you might feel the need to ‘reasonably chastise’ your children when they exhibit unacceptable behaviour. While traditionally the law has acknowledged that it is acceptable for a parent to use physical force on their children, […]

When can you record someone without their knowledge and consent?

With the availability of recording devices, it can be tempting to secretly record another person for evidence. However, in general, the rules of evidence do not allow secretly recorded files to be admitted into evidence, on the  basis that the evidence was illegally or improperly obtained. Link to our previous article on Recording conversation without […]

Separated or divorced and looking to spend time with your children this Christmas season and don’t have Court orders in place?

The pain of not being able spend time with your children during Christmas season can be excruciating for you as a parent. We understand that there is nothing more important to you than making this holiday season special for your children. However, being separated or divorced, especially with no Parenting Orders from the Court providing […]

Unfair dismissal – Should a bus driver borrow money from a passenger?

A contentious issue in employment law is an employee’s conduct outside of work hours and whether this affects their job. Nowadays, with the rise of telecommunications and the internet, it is unsurprising that the line between work and private life can be blurred. COVID-19 has generated even more concerns about employees working remotely which may […]

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